Saturday, 14 July 2007

Stage 3 feather play

Now here are the two firework versions side by side. Which do you prefer? Of course neither is the perfect style, Patsy Thompson's organic form one is a bit too formal and the formal one a little too organic but they should give an impression of both version.
I've had horrendous problems with this colour combo and my camera. The red is a proper cerise and the blue a bright royal blue. This was the best photo I got and that involved going outside and taking the photo on grass and then cropping the picture to remove the grass. I hoped the bright green would help the camera deal with this fully saturated colour. It has, but only a tiny bit.
If anyone knows how to overcome this, please please email me.

1 comment:

  1. Your digital camera is looking for gray to focus on. If you have a gray card or piece of gray paper put that in the edge of the photo. If you don't have a gray card, a faded pair of jeans will work. The faded denim is almsot the color of the gray that the camera wants to focus on. Then crop the gray out of your photo. See if that helps. I finally invested in a photographer's gray card because I was having such a problem capturing true color. It's been the best $10 investment I've made!