Friday, 20 July 2007

Bigger test sample

I decided yesterday that it would be a good idea to have a 1/4 sized mock up of the centre portion of the quilt.
If you thought weather did not affect quilting, wrong! I need light to do this and even with the main lights on in the bedroom there just isn't enough today. England and Wales is on a severe weather warning. We are expecting 2 months worth of rain today., just in case we hadn't had enough flooding recently. The drawing table in my bedroom is near the wall with the north east facing windows which should be getting morning sun streaming through right now, instead it's very gloomy. I keep trying but really I should give up as the light just isn't enough to trace through from my master pattern.
Art in Action yesterday was fabulous. Thank heavens we went yesterday before this deluge. We had glorious sunshine. As my DD said, this is a very English event. Not just in terms of the artists and craftsmen but also little touches like Pims on the lawns and cream teas. Even the loos were civilized with banks of portacabins, six of eight per cabin, good soaps and handtowels and even a lady providing cups of iced water in a separate area.
Did I mention they had wine tasting as well? Though frankly it was too hot and we were driving but a very nice idea.
And the music provided by diverse talents from such as the Royal College of Music to Japanese dance. In another area I heard music from the Indian sub continent.
I have loads of photos (I hope, I haven't looked at the camera yet) and will load them here over the next few days. (and yes, I did get permission from all the artists first).

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