Saturday, 28 July 2007

Rambles on the weather.

I can't continue with the sample for my wholecloth until some more wool batting arrives. I've also decided I cannot face cutting away the batting on the quilt itself until the weather is cool. The weather isn't hot, just me (grin)
We spent a long time fantasizing about finding a home in the sun. I even went on a buying trip to Mykonos where my sister lives to find one. I'm so pleased I didn't. Mykonos this summer has been in the high 40ºs (well over 100ºF). People are dying in the heat. During the first lot of flooding here our news stations missed out on the dreadful time in southern Europe. People have been sleeping in the sea to cool off. The electricity companies cannot cope with the demands of the air conditioning so there have been power cuts. Quite dire.
And what do you do if you have a long haired dog like a rough collie?

Poor Daisy really hates her summer hair cut, but it does help keep her cool. About May, suddenly all the dogs in Mykonos get this sort of extreme trim.

Lying in bed you get this view. It does make it hard to get up (grin)


  1. I'd give anything to be able to go to Mykonos! I'd trade some of their heat for this dang rain! Heat I can handle. :)

  2. I wonder if you really could?
    It was 46ºC (113ºF) in the shade. When my niece went out with a thermometer and measured the temperature in the shade of her hand it was 62ºC or 143ºF.
    People are dieing.

  3. I couldn't. I've had quite enough heat from being in the ME and now with the weather going crazy in Europe I think a lot more people will realise that that sort of heat is dangerous. I was dreading this summer because the first half of summer last year I spent in our basement room - the only cool room in the house. It was quite unbearable. AC is the only way to tolerate it but the cost and the cost to the environment must be enormous.

    I hope you find your ideal place though!