Monday, 30 July 2007

My Patsy Thompson feathers re-visited

Click on this to enlarge it. Because of waiting for the new batting for the big wholecloth and my hot flushes, I've gone back to this one. I've been playing with different threads to see the effects. Sometime ago when I decided I'd only quilt with fine threads, I gave most of my thicker ones to the local quilt group who are making quilts for the women's refuge. So I've played with what I have left.

This one is my favourite. Its a YLI machine quilting thread which has light teal and turquoise variations. Before this discovery of Patsy's feathers (see link on right) I really had a profound dislike of this thread but it behaves itself on this embroidery type stitching.

The purple viscose on the left goes between pink and purple. Now this is good news because there is always someone at the shows selling these very cheaply. The bright pink on the right is Madeira Poly neon in one of the few day glo colours they make.

I feel the feathers themselves need more definition and had I not used this backing which hides all the stitching completely, I'd have done some bobbin work with heavy thread between the feather and the echo line of stitch. Looks like the hunt is on for a suitable couching thread.

Can you see one of Sinclair's eyes is just open. He's wondering whether I'm going to turf him off the quilt. We bought a new bed and assembled it yesterday. This was just 2 minutes after the bed was made. I think he's under the impression it was installed for his own convenience.


  1. I like drawing feathers, but have never felt the need to stitch them before. But feathers with this much colour are very tempting, wow!

    Repeat after me - 'I do not need another distraction, I do not need....'

  2. I'd hate to be the one to break the news to him! :) Your quilting is just amazing Sally!