Saturday, 28 July 2007

Cat on quilts

Why do cats have an innate ability to get on the one quilt they should not?
This is the late Sweetheart, determinedly sitting right in the middle of this quilt to stop me pinning it. The quilting took twice as long removing the very fine white hair off black quilt, but I would love to have her back again with the same problem.
She was a silver tipped British Shorthair. She was later attacked by a fox, and had one of her back legs removed as a consequence. She was born with a congenital heart problem and only lived to about 8 years old. She was very sweet and very stupid. She had been at the very back of the queue when intelligence was handed out.
And I forgot you guys will be interested in the quilt. I made it some years ago for a charity raffle. The finished quilt is somewhere on Bethany Reynold's site. It doesn't follow her directions as I only had 11 pattern repeats so the flowers had to have eleven petals. And the fabric for the petals had cats on it of course :-)

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  1. Ahh, poor cat. She was very pretty (almost as pretty as the quilt!)

    I had to hoot at yesterday's picture of the dog - it made me wonder what mine would look lines sans hair.