Sunday, 15 July 2007

Just gardening today

Last spring we treated ourselves to this Antarctica Tree Fern from Tasmania. The bed was just 4 left over railway sleepers (ties for you in the US) filled with topsoil under the trees. It delights me in the spring when the fronds uncurl. This bed has been more sucessful than I dreamed.

This is 2 years ago when this bed was newly planted. It's about 8' wide by 3' deep

This is how it looks two years later, though with all the wet, the snails and slugs have had a wild time. Normally I manage to stay on top of them.

Different takes on bindweed (convolvulous). Morning Glory on the left is wonderful (though I've had trouble in the last few years getting the pure blue seed). The white bind weed is the bane of my gardening life. I once met a Texan who thought it wonderful how 'Moon Flowers' grew with wild abandon here. She had tried in vain to grow them in the Texan heat, even putting ice on the pots in the early mornings to keep them damp and cool. Whereas I have fond memories of the blue going rampant in Greece, Portugal and Mauritius (though I don't remember them in Brisbane , maybe it was too wet/dry?)

We have a little stream running down beside our house. I managed to take this today. The fish are quite small, about 8" long. I'd been worried after all the rain that they wouldn't find their way back. Although this little stream is normally only about 6" deep when there is lots of heavy rain it gets very fast flowing and 8' deep. I imagine they have lost his year's fry.

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