Saturday, 22 March 2008

Belated Mother's Day

As DD was in Barcelona for Mother's Day, we having it in our house today. I can look forward to unlimited cups of tea made for me and help round the house. Just as well as tomorrow is Fliss's Birthday, and that shall be 'her' day.
Lovely pressies. She's bought me a super evening bag. This has been a long time search for both of us, to find one small enough to be elegant, yet large enough to carry what we need, plus it must have a should strap to enable carrying a glass of wine plus a plate of food or enable us to shake hands when introduced. And it must go with what we wear, normally a bit of black if not all black. This one fits the bill perfectly and the strap can go into the bag when you don't want that 'shoulder bag' look when arriving. She got a similar one for herself too. We just won't be able to use them when we go to premieres together.

She also bought me this super Links of London keyring. I love their stuff.
My friend Pauline popped round this week carrying gifts as well. This is a product she'd found in an Alpaca shop. A very very gentle washing product. You just soak for half an hour, then spin or just drain the water away. Great for quilts with wool batting, and I have one of those alpaca battings which I've not used because I was worried about washing it. Google Eucalan to find were you can buy it. It's a Canadian product and they've changed the packaging but it seems to be available quite widely. I am the lucky recipient of two bottles so I shan't need to buy any for simply ages.

And then in Costco they had a Roomba, a robotic vacuum cleaner. I've wanted one of these for years but the only ones I've seen have been those bought back from the States. I just love the idea of going to bed and waking up to find it done. And the name IRobot, how appropriate in the week we have lost Arthur C Clarke. What a great guy.
And then this lovely Amyrillis has decided to grace us by coming into full flower this weekend. I bought it the other week in Ikea, so nice to have one at a time other than Christmas.

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