Sunday, 16 March 2008

Water Soluble Thread

It's not often I use dark fabric and dark batting with trapunto work so I took these photos today as you can see the stitch easily. You only need to quilt with the water soluble thread outside your motif so it doesn't take as long as you might think. And you don't have to be amazingly accurate as if you go outside the line the background quilting will hold down and inside the line the other stitching in the motif will hold it in place. The exception to this is when you do shadow trapunto and then you must be as accurate as you would be with the final quilting.
The back
The front.

All done to Lou Reed, Walk on the Wildside and Leonard Cohen's Allelujah (sp?) with me singing along.
I found a neat little thing on blogger toady. If you have your home town in your profile, you can click on it and it will show you all the other bloggers in your area. 107 in Fleet. Sadly most of them abandoned, but one by a skateboarding friend of my DD and one of her school mates from way back when. Seems like I might be not only the most prolific but also the 'oldest blogger in town' (sad that, grin). Though there was another blogger building a kit car with a non disclosed age who could be older........


  1. Leonard Cohen's Allelujah - have you heard the Jeff Buckley version? very haunting

  2. tried the blogger thing the other week, like you, I found most had been abandoned including one by a friend down the road with just one post in 9 months. Didn''t even know she had one.

  3. I love Jeff Buckley's version, & also k d lang's version. It is a wonderful song Allelujah.

  4. Sally, the first picture might have made a wonderful camouflaged octopus.