Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Finally moved to the 21st century

Last year when DD renewed her phone contract, she got a freebie, an Ipod Nano. I comandeered it as I was the only one in the family not to own one.
As it's a freebie I it doesn't come with huge storage space, so I'm editing out the albums. What I found so lovely is you can buy single tracks. My track 'which got away' was Bob Dylan's All the Tired Horses. This song just repeats 'All the tired horses in the sun, how I'm gonna get any riding done' over and over. It's stayed with me and despite buying later versions of the Self Portrait album, it wasn't on it again.
Now I have been able to buy the track! It reminds me of the car I learnt to drive in a 420G Jaguar
Our one was built in 1970 and we bought it very very cheaply in 1972 or 73 when the first oil crisis happened. At 6' 4" wide, it was the widest production car ever made in the UK, not perhaps the best car to learn in but it was a dream. Real wood everywhere including drop down tables in the back with little things to hold your glasses (champagne of course!).
Why does the track remind me of my first car? Well it had an 8 track tape player. The first car with music in my family.
It had two petrol tanks, and back in the days when you got free gifts or stamps from the garages, I can remember getting 12 teaspoons on one fill up and over one book of stamps on another!
Ah, Memory Lane.....


  1. Now that's a trip down memory lane that I enjoyed, thanks

  2. ooohh greenshield stamps, I remember sticking them in a book for mum-when we were young all placemats, glasses etc seemed to be gifts given away with petrol.