Wednesday, 19 March 2008

A waste of a day

Cake making in the fore again. Yesterday I made an 8" sandwich cake and a 6" pair. Stupidly I used plain flour. So today I made them again, burnt the 8" ones, make up the butter icing in the opposite quantities........ Burnt the edge of one of the 2nd lot of 8" cakes so now it's a 7 inch square.......

Steph come back, we NEED you!

I bought a longer rolling pin so I hope I can mange the fondant icing, if not I shall give up and go to Waitrose or Costco and buy a chocolate fudge cake. I might be reasonable at making quilts but cakes seem to have a jinx on them.


  1. Cake making is supposed to be enjoyable. I'd go and get a shop bought one and decorate it yourself

    love and hugs xxx

  2. Thanks for your help Sally with the new blog. I've had to change it again since my last email because various parts of the world obviously think westcountrylady is a porn site!!

    Sorry for the confusion and I do hope it won't put you off visiting me again!
    lol the ex-Wittering Rainbow