Sunday, 2 March 2008

What I got done today

The other card feather

And I played with a little mock appliqué with the same technique.

The more I do, the more potential I see.


  1. Sally....I am loving your new pieces. Are you using pencil colors or watercolor pencils? I have tried this with pencil colors but was not real crazy about them.

  2. Hi Sally,
    These are great! Are you going to quilt around the perimeter with invisible thread? Trapunto them? What's next?!

  3. These are very interesting. the effect is wonderful, but I guess it is still a secret about the process!
    So glad you became a mother. I too feel so sorry for women who would love to be mothers, & are unable.

  4. I love the coloured feathers. I've finally bitten the bullet and I'm starting to do them myself

    love and hugs xxx