Friday, 7 March 2008

The very last cake

from Steph. She could make a fortune making these cakes, but she's decided she doesn't like the solitary business of working alone.
A very very dear friend had one of those awful birthdays yesterday which ended in a zero. I cajoled and begged Steph to make this cake for her. And this is it.
Click on the photos to see the plants growing in it.

My friend has a lovely new greenhouse so this was the obvious choice for the design.


  1. Wow what a clever lady. How on earth are you going to cut into it...It looks too nice to eat!

  2. Wow! Must have put a few hours work into that.

  3. What a gorgeous cake. She's so talented.

    love and hugs xxx

  4. That's a fantastic cake. I clicked on the pictures to see the bigger version and was amazed at the details.

  5. That cake is a masterpiece! If you have to have O birthdays, you may as well have something special.