Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Some days some things don't go well

I came downstairs early this morning to find small blood marks on the stone floor.
I sprayed it before I found a bit of kitchen paper to wipe it clean and looked round for the remains of a mouse. No dead mouse to be found.

Then Sinclair shows up and looks very interested in the whole area. I hunt too and find a live mouse half way up the curtain we hang in front of the front door. I'm still in my nightie but we live in a cul de sac so no one is going to see me with only five houses further up the road at the crack of dawn. I opened the front door and tried to 'encourage' the mouse out the door. Three cars came past and saw me. Then a whole family walked past. I couldn't work out which was worse being seen in the front door in my nightie or them seeing a mouse dive out of my house.

Tomorrow is another day...


  1. Just when you are counting on no one being can count on a parade going by! LOL
    Glad to hear the mouse found it's way out of the house.

  2. Hilarious! I can picture it now. I think the worst thing would be to be seen in my nightie. I'm not extravagant with bed wear and keep nighties for years...would you believe 20?!!