Monday, 10 March 2008

Sally tries to make a birthday cake Part 2

This is where it started to go seriously wrong. I've never used fondant icing before. It was like trying to manipulate a heavy flowing silk satin which was tearing under it's own weight.
At this point I rang Steph up again. When she said'really, you're quite pleased with how it looks' I broke down into hysterical laughter.
I thought I could stick on a patch. No. Apparently I'd rolled it out too thin otherwise I could have manipulated it back together.

The patches on the side don't look too good either.

So I did a feather as it's a shape I'm familiar with. I drew it on the icing through a very thin plastic bag with the wrong end of a paint brush.

Stuck it on with a little water.

Wide ribbon cured the sides. I painted the feather with food colourant. The 'Sinclair' cat came from the local supermarket.
As DH isn't too fussed about cakes I thought this a good dry run. Fliss hasn't had a birthday without one of Steph's cakes and somehow I can't see my meagre efforts making up the shortfall (grin).


  1. It looks yummy after all your decorating.

    Ferret's show is good, isn't it.

  2. It looks great and it will taste much nicer than shop bought ones

    love and hugs xxx

  3. Hmm, cake not your medium of choice then. Still I think the end result looks fine. Ribbon is a great cure all for sides of cake..

  4. I love making cakes and decorating them. But I've only tried fondant icing once. Mostly I was put off by the flavor and texture. It seems very Brittish.
    It's not comon here in America.
    That said, your cake looks great, and cake making is definatley all about being creative and tricking the eye.

  5. Having wrestled with fondant icing previously, I know how difficult it is.
    Your cake looks fine, & I am sure the flavour will be wonderful.