Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Fire risk assessment

We had a lovely chap from our local Fire Brigade come round last night to assess what was needed in our house.

One look at my sewing room and he installed a smoke alarm. If I need one you do too.....

The newer smoke alarms have batteries built in to last ten years. Once a month point the vacuum cleaner up at it to clean out the detector and press the battery check button once a month. That's it. It could save your life.

It made me realise the only thing I would try and save would there be a fire were the humans and the cat. Everything else is replaceable. (and insured).

1 comment:

  1. I had them come around the other week. We've got a smoke alarm upstairs that's 'plumbed' into the mains. they decide that I needed another one downstairs. so where did they put it, outside the kitchen door. Now everytime the toast pops up in the toaster, the bloody alarm goes off.
    love and hugs xxx