Sunday, 2 September 2007

Around and about where I live and early autumn

For those of you in hotter climes, you will not understand how much I love Magnolia Grandifloras. To grow them in the south of England requires a high and protected south facing wall and then a lot of hope. This was in a south corner and it wasn't trained against the wall, it was a full sized tree.

This is a typical back road through the English country side. Only a littlw wider than the width of one car. When you meet another car coming in the opposite direction you one of you has to back up until there is a wider spot so the two cars can pass. Taken from the moving car. I prefer driving on these roads at night so the headlights give you warning of cars coming towards you.

Just one of many black and white thatched cottages. The door is probably 12" lower than a normal door just to give you an idea of scale.
One with the thatch replaced with tiles many many years ago.

A lovely bourbon style rose, I wish I could give you the perfume.

And then signs that autumn is exceptionally early this year.

Out buildings at The Vyne, a minor stately home about 20 minutes from home.

I've been meaning to catch a good photo of a swan for ages to use in the quilt. I'm surprised it is so low in the water.

This is the summer house of The Vyne, I told DH I would quite like a replica at the bottom of the garden. This fell on deaf ears.

A barn has been converted into the coffee bar, how many barns have such lovely doorways?

The fish in the lake are huge. One carp must have weighed in at about 10lb (4.5kg), not the best photo but the duck gives you some idea of scale.

This is the frontage of The Vyne.
One of a pair of eagles outside the other formal side to the house. I don't like the symbolism of this sort of eagle.


  1. I'm glad I stopped by today for the lovely tour! I've seen carp that big before, but only in those touristy ponds with the vending machines selling carp pellet food and lots of little kids who want to feed the fish, oh please, Mom!