Thursday, 6 September 2007

New border fabric and chaos

New border fabric decided. I don't know why I'm going through so much agony for a quilt which will just live on the sofa (grin).
And why I couldn't use the dark red. All these fabrics are richer than they look in the photo.
And this is what happens when you have overloaded racking and you try and get fabrics out from the bottom of the piles.
If I had room I'd get another set of racking.....

And my poor cutting table which emerged after the tidy up has disappeared again. At least because these are big bits it should be easier to sort out (I hope).

Guess what I'm doing today?.....


  1. That blue is an inspired choice, Sally! So very rich and it needs to be with all the beautiful fabrics it's bordering. :-))) Don't complain about your fabric stash - I'm green with envy!