Saturday, 1 September 2007

cool photo cards

I found this site and ordered these 'business' cards and postcards from them.
I'm very happy with them and the way the order was processed, the most difficult part was uploading the photos. I ordered three different things last Saturday night and by Sunday night had emails saying each had been dispatched. They arrived on Wednesday morning (and I suppose if Monday hadn't been a bank holiday they would have arrived on Tuesday).
I felt it a little pretentious to have business cards but I got asked for them loads of times at the Festival of Quilts, so I went ahead. They were only £9.99 for a 100 double sided and £7.99 for single sided.
Now I suppose I could have gone the extra mile and made ATCs but really I do have a life.(grin)
And the postcards look very professional.


  1. I've used photobox before too and they are very good with very fast delivery!

  2. These look very good. I usually do my own at home, but at that price, it might be cheaper to get them done for me - and a lot less hassle. Mmmm, will check it out later.

  3. They *are* good...might have some postcards done...

  4. Your cards are gorgeous! I'll need a lot more quilting talent before I could order them!