Sunday, 9 September 2007

Stuck in the downstairs of the house

We went to a party last night for a friend of DD's whose 18th was in the middle of the exam times so his parents put off the party until now. The party was fun and I love that all DD's friends greet me with a big hug. They are such lovely kids and I don't think they are aware how lucky they are to have each other.
We didn't get to bed until about 3am so DD and DH have gone up for a sleep to catch up now. Being an insomniac means this amount of sleep has become quite normal for me. But it does mean I can't get on with much as I don't want to wake them.

You might have noticed I've joined a webring for machine quilters. There is some serious talent in this group, so grab a cup of coffee and browse round their blogs. Most of them are longarmers. I had to create an avatar for their forum. This is when I discovered that being the photographer in the family means there are few photos of me hanging about. I did find this one of artmixter, Marion Barnett and I quite a few years ago selling raffle tickets for Children's Aid Direct at the National Quilt Show. That's me on the left and Marion on the right. The quilt behind me is my very first prize winning quilt which was the first prize in the raffle. I bought it off the winner so I'm lucky to still have it.

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  1. Love the pic of Marion and yourself, your quilts are brilliant I can see why they are winners.. found your blog from Marion.. I'm Sandra's DS..
    I've made you a favorite to see your beautiful work..
    I just started working in textiles, making my first fabric pages for a swap.. Your site is ver inspiring..