Monday, 3 September 2007

squirrels and premiere

Just for something lovely to look at today, one of my favourite sculptures from the local sculpture park.
Voldemort and DD have gone to a premiere tonight so I had all day to complete two tasks. Task one was going to be an easy one. I was going to use the short movie feature on my camera and take photos of the vermin aka squirrels in my garden Marion will testify that whenever I'm on the phone to her I end up chasing them away. Well today for the very first time, I haven't seen even just one. So I figure if I leave the camera on the window sill they will go away and no longer be a problem....
Task two was to blitz my workroom. This is 75% completed and now I go up to try and squeeze the remaining 25% into a 0% space (grin). I might be some time.......
If I don't blog tomorrow send out a search party.

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  1. This picture makes me think of the song from South Pacific - 'I'm gonna wash that man right outta my hair'