Saturday, 29 September 2007

When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping

Or we shouldn't be allowed out without a 'minder'.
It started innocently enough, in the local paper a guy was all but giving away his A0 size drawing board. Some of you know I already got a A00 sized one off Freecycle
and it is huge, really far to big especially as it lives in our bedroom. So I can't resist this smaller one, it's still big enough about 50" X 36" but more manageable. First I have to clear off the stuff which has accumulated on top old one.
Then I took the non recycling rubbish from DD's bedroom to the local refuse centre. They have a shed where they sell things which are really too good to throw into the tip. I got this for £7 ($14) and it will look super when it's painted up and has some plates on it.

Then I hit TK Max (known as TJ Max in the States) and I found the handbag to end all handbags. (sorry about the photos being in the wrong order). It has fabulous lining and big enough for my needs but not so big it will get filled up with rubbish. For those of you not in a country to have TK Max, they sell designer stuff at anything from a quarter to a tenth of the original price (and sometimes even less!)

Under the flap at the front is another pocket plus these little loops for pens.

I wish you could feel it. It is super. I 'googled' the brand when I got home and found out how truly expensive they normally are. So much so there is even one place in New York which hires them out! It's that sort of leather that just gets better and better as it ages.

And then we found this chest of drawers like something out of Disney's Beauty and the Beast. Sort of red Chinese lacquer meets Gustavian.

Aren't these butterflies lovely?

And then this end table. Chinoiserie again and very me.

I love TK Max!
Did I mention we also bought 2 sofas, one large arm chair, and a huge footstool? (Unfortunately not TK Max this time)

Really we shouldn't be allowed out when we're feeling so lost without DD.


  1. What a super day of it you had!!! I want to go shopping with you. I've not shopped TJ Max here in the states as I thought it was just clothing...hmmmm....I'll have to check it out. What terrific finds!

  2. I don't think my TJ Max has such great deals. You really are a great shopper and I love the red chest with the butterflies. Are you doing over DD's room?

  3. Shopping is everybody's favourite activity. This is something one can never get tired of.
    Good job!