Monday, 10 September 2007

It got worse before it got better

I cleared everything off the racking except the plains. And this was the disaster area formally known as my workroom.

About half way through the process.

And this is afterwards. I 'edited' some fabrics and they are on the landing waiting to go to the group who make quilts for the refuge. I did cut 4 X 2 1/2" strips from each of them for use in future scrap quilts first.

Because I've been playing with the Patsy Thompson feathers and doing background for the last few weeks, it's good to get my hand in again. It's extremely boring work, but practise is good, isn't it?

I bought this premarked quilt at the Maltings sale. I bought it as much to see what one of these was like as to actually quilt it. But having staqrted it and promising it it to someone, every so often I have a go at doing a little more on it. Grids are the hardest thing to do freehand, so it's good practise on that and on staying on marked lines.


  1. Oh my, you did have a mess, didn't you! Your fabric looks lovely all stacked up in a row!

    Those premarked quilts are good practice. I did a queen-sized one on my longarm a few years ago. It was a lot of work for something we never use -- I don't want anyone near all of that white!

  2. Wow - I love your fabrics! And yes - I so understand, those little gremlins get in and mess with our fabrics - they must go ( the gremlins - not the fabrics)

    I love your whole cloth quilts in the previous posts - gorgeous - do you LA or DSM them?

  3. Crikey! That's an action packed room, Sally. I love to see packed shelves like yours.