Friday, 21 September 2007

Opera and shopping

As suspected no quilting this week except for stitching the binding down on the Bernatex preprinted whole cloth. I cannot think of any good reason for having done this quilt at all. It was a pig to quilt with loads of interrupted grid work. And the only use I can think for it is to go on top on the memory foam mattress which blessedly saves me from backache but miserably makes me incredibly hot at night. I'm thinking a cotton quilt between me and the mattress might help? OK it was designed to be hand quilted and doing it on a machine wasn't in the designer's mind but as I worked on it I realised that it would have been a pig to quilt by hand as well.

DD wanted some fab new clothes for her new life so we trecked into London's Covent Garden area yesterday. I love shopping here, loads of street entertainers and interesting shops. Where else can you go and have brilliant coffee and listen to opera at the same time? The singers from the opera house and wannabes sing inside what used to be the old Fruit and Vegetable market. I'm not an opera fan (I don't dislike it but have almost none on my Ipod) but I find these singers almost always bring tears to my eyes.
Brilliantly the day started well with DD finding two pairs of 'perfect' jeans in the first shop. Nine hours after leaving we got home with our bags full of shopping and her best friend turned up to say goodbye. Needless to say this left me in tears again. I shall miss all these wonderful young people so very much. They will come back I know, but they will come back as different people.

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  1. Ah, I remember those sad feelings so well. The thing to remember is that she is doing what she needs to do and she will be safe and taken care of at university - I tried to think of it as half way between home and leaving. She will become more independent (well, I guess you already know that) but I was closer to both my girls when then returned home (and she will return home!) It's definitely not easier with two - twice the upset unfortunately. You still miss them just as much, but you also get used to being on your own again. It's just another phase of life. The old one hasn't gone it's just moved over a bit. Hope she has a wonderful time and meets lots of lovely people. oh, and does some work too!