Sunday, 23 September 2007

The house is very quiet

Somehow each time we have been down to Exeter (where DD has gone to University) the sun has shone. We drove past Stonehenge and the stones seem alive in the golden early autumn light. We would have seen them in fabulous red light at sunset on the way home had there not been a traffic jam just before we got there and so took a 15-20 mile detour round through Devizes. But even this was good, I forget how very beautiful England is and only really get reminded when we go off the beaten track.
DD's halls have two kinds of rooms, both small with a double bed and an en suite shower room enclosed in the space (think of a typical hotel room but half the size). One kind has a large picture window and the other a small modern version of a Romeo and Juliet style balcony. To achieve the balcony they have taken a bite out of the room. She has the latter and is very pleased with it.
She would have been partying last night and having a ball. We have woken to a very quiet house. This is not unusual for a Sunday morning but it seems extra quiet knowing every morning shall be like this.
DH thinks it must be easier if you have more than one child. As she was a 'test tube' (IVF) baby this wasn't really an option.
Very sorry not to have taken my camera, bad blogger, consider my wrists slapped (grin).


  1. Hmm his logic might work, but wouldn't it mena going through this several times?

  2. DH is probably right but I'm sure it's just a painful. It hasn't happened to us yet but I'm still dreading it! I hope she having a wonderful time though!

  3. Don't forget that the left-behind sibling(s) have problems adjusting too, so you have someone else's feelings to factor in to your own coping. But just wait till she comes home at end of first year. You know how when you take batting out of the bag it never fits back in?........