Saturday, 8 September 2007

magenta and sage green

Nothing quilty done today, just a heavy day's shopping with DD for stuff for her to take to University. The shopping centre was full of parents of 18 year olds doing the same thing.
Driving home I saw a Nepalese woman with a magenta sari and the trousers and top underneath were sage green. What a fabulous combination and one I shall have to use at some point. It makes my mouth water just to think about it.
Sally Ward took this photo today at Harrogate with her phone of Peace#1 with people milling around it. I love seeing people around my quilts like this.
The colour on this photo is a bit pale and on yesterday's a bit bright , it's half way between the two.

Sinclair loved it when it was a work in progress (grin). What is it with cats and quilts, particularly white ones?


  1. I can see why there are lots of people milling around it. It is beautiful!

  2. Who could resist rolling around in ecstacy on a quilt like that?

  3. ooh what a lovely sneaky peek from you wish you could hear what they are saying :o)
    Doesn't Sinclair look sweet...just look at those curled up toes!

  4. That is just stunning! I came to visit from Christine Thresh. So glad I did.
    Congratulations, it is very beautiful.