Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Cool new home page set up

I've been using this igoogle as my home page for a few weeks now and love it.
I've chosen a page header with the position of the sun. It moves across the page according to the time of day. Then you can add as many little bits and pieces as you like.
I've got my blog reader with my favourite blogs letting me know when each one is updated. A little notebook for things to be done etc, a timer for when I'm here and have something going on in the kitchen. A google calender which emails me (If I so choose ) when events occur and DH has access to it for when he wants to book something which involves both of us. A simple calculator, I can never put my hands on a real one when I need it (though this might change now DD is away).
I did have a couple of games on there as well but found they were too tempting and eat into my time. I also have my secondary google mail account so I can see when new email come in. (Before this I would forget to check this account).
And there are loads and loads of gadgets and toys you can add. I had funny cat photos for a while (a different photo each time you upload the page) and horoscopes ( I don't believe in these so I can't quite fathom why I put it up).
Cool isn't it?

1 comment:

  1. Hey! I've got the same google background! I love the sun thing, of course having a degree in geography helps :)

    I've got a couple games on my google page, but they've been there too long so I don't get tempted to play a lot any more.