Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Alovely day out in the South of England part 2

I've always loved this little cottages from the outside, though perhaps living in it would not be so much fun. I've stayed in many quaint cottages and house which are this distorted and the sloping floors in the end are just a problem not a novelty. The sign told me it was up for sale so I've found the estate agents details and you can have peak indoors here. If it does seem like your dream home, it's for sale at £395,000 (a tad short of $800,000US), quaint does not come cheaply for this small two bedroomed home.
This is at the other end of Steyning.

And these are in Bramber, the closest one is probably only about 5 foot high to the eaves. You have to be short to live in some of these.
This house is St Marys in Bramber, it is open to the public and is available for small weddings. You can see the inside here.

St Marys again from the other side.


  1. I agree, these wonky old houses look wonderful but having stayed in a couple on holiday, they just end up driving you berserk!

  2. Hi! I just found your blog while surfing the net. When I was 8 I lived in England, and though it was 30 years ago now, your photos make me homesick. How nice to see your pictures. And your quilting is stunning too!

  3. Crikey, that's over a million NZ dollars. I'd want a lot more than that for that amount of money!