Friday, 15 February 2008

Sometimes it doesn't work

Same technique as the one the other day but on cotton sateen. Obviously this is fabric type sensitive. It just doesn't have the same intensity of colour. Better to learn this on a small sample than on a whole quilt.

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  1. Hello Sally and readers,
    I want to learn these feather techniques so bad, I'm not a crafter type though. My sister is -- that is how I know, I don't delve into wonderful fun things, I did just recently pick up some medium and some paints to add a little sparkle (mostly clear) to a counted cross stitch and a Quilt sign a friend made for me. I want to learn all about what type of colored pencils and paint can be used and how to use the medium to keep it all from coming out in the wash -- so your way ahead of me.

    Nice chatting, enjoy your week,
    Lindy of Utah