Monday, 4 February 2008

Tie backs

I bought these two pairs of tie backs a few years ago. Even though I didn't have curtains which went with them, I thought they would come in handy down the line. I used one pair in the dining room and it was a bit of a compromise as they did really go with those curtains.
Now they do go with the new curtains but there's a problem. The pair in use has faded and the other pair has got a little crinkled. I think steam might remover the crinkles but how do I fade them both to the same colour?


  1. Buy them a session on a sunbed? Or bribe a sunbed user to take them in with him/her?

  2. The ones you want to fade should be placed in the sun in direct sunlight for about 6 months. They might fade, I've tried that with white stains on an old tablecloth, we discovered quite by accident at a quilt shop where someone placed their object in the window, and the sun bleached them. Myself, I like them just the way they are -- giving texture -- like you planned it.