Friday, 8 February 2008

'Art' for the sitting room, part 2

I did get some stitching done yesterday. I'm amazed at how long this took. I'm going to write it down here as I need a record of how long things take. In my head this was only going to take about 1/2 an hour, instead it took four and a half hours. Am I the only one who underestimates the time things will take? As always, these images should be clickable.
This show the stitching a little better on the back.

Today, I'll steam away the white guideline markings, add a bit of backing for the central square which will be quilted on the front of the canvas, and leave the bits which will go over the edge and round the back of the canvas free of batting to make them easier to turn to the back. This feather needs another round of red stitching echoing round the outside, but I shall leave this until the batting is in place as that will serve the double purpose of finishing the effect and holding it in place.
I'm having serious problems with stiffness in my fingers. I 'think' it's moving fabric without my hoop which is causing the problem so this will either be the last time I do this sort of feathers, or I shall have to learn to do it with a hoop. One of my grandmothers had very bad rheumatoid arthritis, so much so her hands were totally distorted. I want to avoid that route. One of my cousins, an artist has started having problems and she seems to be fine if she avoids bread and some other wheat products. Strangely French bread, baked in France does not produce the same problems. BTW I'm taking calcium, gloucosamine, chondriton, cod liver oil and hydralaise (sp?) plus A-Z multi vitamins


  1. No - you're definitely not the only one to seriously underestimate the time it takes to do things - I remember in my teens, when slinky long dresses were all the rage my mum catching the sleeve of a beautiful silver grey one I'd made - I had some fabric leftover and told my mortified mother that it would only take half an hour to remove the old one and put in a replacement - two and a half to three hours later she reminded me what I'd said - I'm no better now really - maybe it's because time seems to fly when you're enjoying yourself - take care of those hands, stress ball squeezing a little and often was recommended to me to keep them supple and nimble, makes sense I guess as we do tend to keep them stiff in sort of one position when working

  2. Oh Sally! You make me want to cry - because I'll never in my lifetime be able to do such beautiful things as you! :-( Yes, do take care of your hands because you have magic in them!
    Rosemary K