Tuesday, 12 February 2008

A lovely day out in the South of England

Yesterday was our aniversary and DH and I drove down to Brighton on the back roads, much much prettier than going on the Motorways. I took my little handbag camera with me with varying results through the car windows.
This is NOT normal for early February, blossom.
The centre of an English village, a pub and a church.

One of the hazzards of taking photos through the window, but the time the auto focus has done it's thing you are past what you wanted to include. This pond has old farm buildings round it, but all you get to see is the pond.

Another old pub. This one is the 6 Bells in Billingshurst. I used to live just a couple of miles from here and remember this pub being flooded quite regularly. It must be the lowest place in the town.

This is one of OUR Washingtons, I think we have a few villages carrying the name. You can see the South Downs up ahead.


  1. We've got to make the most out of this weather while we can!!

  2. Happy Anniversary! I liked seeing these photos and going on your day out with you. Fab weather at the moment.