Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Hand sewing with 100# YLI silk

I know some people give up stitching with this very fine thread because it so easily slips of the needle. Click on this photo to bring it up to full size so you can see I've tied a knot in it. The thread is so fine you can't even feel the knot going through the fabric. The needle is a size 10 betweens.
Use it for hand appliqué and however bad you think you are, your stitches will improve 400%. It's as fine as fine hair. The only warning I give is if you have used it, NEVER wash your work with biological/enzyme washing products. They dissolve silk, you might not notice it on a shirt, but these threads are just too fine to risk it.

And Sinclair does his best every morning to try and stop me making the bed....


  1. Thanks for the top tip about the washing powder and silk thread. I have an appliqué top almost entirely stitched in silk thread and I wouldn't have given a second thought how to wash it when I eventually do quilt it.

  2. I have a spool of that in light gray. I use it for most of my hand piecing. I'll have to try to tie a knot at the eye, thanks. But I might need to switch to a bigger needle, do you think? I usually use a #12 straw.