Thursday, 7 February 2008

Making 'art' for the sitting room

First I cut out four petals and used Seam a Steam to apply them to the background. I placed a bit of batting behind it.
Then I stitched them down using Patsy Thompson's EKG sitch.

I added a bit of texture with some purple thread.

The stitching shows more from the back in the photos.

I added a bit of grey/black fabric for the centre of the flower.

Then stitched on the middle. This bit took the longest (about an hour or so)

I then cut away the excess batting. This flower now has built in trapunto.

Today I shall try and find time to add some borders and feather them, and hopefully do the background quilting.
This piece is to be mounted on a 20" square canvas, though I still haven't found my staple gun.


  1. Sally.....your stitching is beautiful. I never think to take pictures along the way. Will have to make a mental note to start doing such.

  2. That is so lovely!
    I went to look at Pat Thompson's work too, & it is quite breathtaking.