Wednesday, 27 February 2008

The earth moved for me

In the North of England there was an earthquake last night. Not big in global terms but big for us, 5.3.

Lying in bed, I first felt the bed move a little, then the tray with my tea making stuff and the chandelier rattled for a few seconds. That was it. I don't know that I could live in California.

Once in Peurto Vallarta on the Pacific coast of Mexico we experienced a quake/tremor and got out of bed, climbed down the emergency stairs of the hotel, saw the water in the swimming pools doing strange stuff and watched the early morning pool staff ignore it totally! Californians staying in the hotel told us later that they only worried when furniture fell over and things started falling off the walls.

I like the ground beneath me to remain still.


  1. it woke us up especially as the epicentre was over at Market Rasen, noisy and shakey with people in the road checking all was ok!

  2. I've lived in California since 1947 and earthquakes still scare me. You will calm down in a while, but I "feel" for you.

  3. The problem I had with it was I wasn't sure it was an earthquake. I was home alone so no one to ask. The cat seemed to be clinmging to the bed so I was hoping it was just and earthquake, not me having some wierd problem.