Friday, 22 February 2008

so happy with this new idea

I quilted up last week's feather to take to the talk I gave last Monday. I'm so happy with how this looks. There is no trapunto but it has the same 3D effect.And these are more samples I did yesterday.


  1. Spectacular!
    Do you do the colour with just sewing, or do you colour it with something else?

  2. Is that applique? What machine do you use? Details, I want details! :)

  3. Are you trying out the painting techniques that Irene Bluhm uses, Sally, or is this another form of getting colour into the feathers? Either way - they look lovely! :-))

    Rosemary K

  4. Sorry, I've just seen this question. I tired Irena's way and it's nice. But my way is different and needs no fixative.