Sunday, 10 February 2008

Super Tuesday or Shrove Tuesday

Well here in England it was Shrove Tuesday marking the begining of lent. All sort of food traditions are found around Europe for Shrove Tuesday. For us it's also known as Pancake Day. There are races held in different parts of the country where traditionally women raced with a frying pan, running the course whilst at the same time tossing a pancake in a frying pan.
Our pancakes are make of eggs, milk and plain flour (and a pinch of salt) .
When I was a child we always had them with freshly squeezed lemon juice and a little sugar. Lovely.
As a child visiting France I discovered the joy of having them with sugar and Grand Marnier. I'm easy.

Another food associated with Easter is a Hot Cross bun. When a child we only ate these on Good Friday and no other day of the year, now in some supermarkets they are available all year round. They have have also come out with non traditional fruit and spices. Give me the original ones, toasted and dripping with butter. Heaven. I had one for breakfast this morning. It was a tiny bit burnt, but hey, it was still wonderful


  1. My hubby is addicted to Hot Cross Buns and will have them every day if he could. He's the same with pancakes so I've got to make them every week.

    love and hugs xxx

  2. My English Grandmother cooked us pancakes, & we had lemon juice & a little sugar on them.
    We only ever had Hot Cross buns on Good Friday. I dont like them myself, by my husband & children do.

  3. I adore Hot Cross Buns, can't eat them now, but the photo makes me hungry! Our Pancake Tuesday got postponed to Pancake Wednesday ;) then postponed again so I've yet to make them. My lot love them which means spending ages in the kitchen unfortunately. We have them with lemon and sugar too.