Thursday, 14 February 2008

A lovely day out in the South of England Part 3

Another quaint little house. It looks as though it was a shop at some time in it's life. It looks like it needs a bit of attention. Not only are these old houses expensive but the maintenance costs are very very high. I'm surprised they have been allowed to put in such ugly modern windows.
This is the north side of the South Downs, a stretch of rolling hills just north of the south coast of England.

We stopped for lunch in a pub in a little village, I think it is Faulking. This spring is just near the entrance to the car park.

I love this little door on the other side of the building. The door is about 4' high.

And although the water looks lovely, the water board have put up a little sign telling you not to drink it. I suppose all the sheep further up the Downs have done their thing.


  1. Oh so pretty! I missed earlier posts - are you on vacation? or just puttering around your area? or on your way to a fabulous quilt convention?

  2. I have just enjoyed your posts with scenes of villages, & the houses. They look so quaint, but I couldn't live with sloping floors!

    I think it sad that the spring water is not safe to drink. All the rivers & lakes in New Zealand have been polluted now, & it is thought to be due to Tourists bringing Giardia & other such organisms into the once pure country.