Friday, 30 November 2007

Aren't these lovely?

These are some of the Jane Austin fabrics from Makower. (take a look, they have some free patterns, including a super Christmas Fireplace by Ferret) Whilst I haven't been able to quilt you can see it's never been far from my mind. (or wallet)
Yesterday was a disaster, I had to go into town to post my DD's phone back to her. Whilst there I popped into the local discount bookshop (I'll show my purchases there tomorrow), from there I went to the other bookshop/newsagents and bought a Popular Patchwork as I saw a photo of one of Ferret's quilts. Then I hit the chemists, picked up a giant pot of my favourite face cream and put it back on the shelf when I was told at the till it was £99 ($200)! It's still cheaper than paying for the small tubes but nothing is that good. The lovely lady at the till told me it will be down to half price in a couple of weeks, I can wait.
Next was another shop to buy a new kettle for making tea in the bedroom, then the mobile phone shop to find out how DD can receive photos on her phone. Then the supermarket. Why am I boring you with all this?
Well my trolley was full of groceries including frozen food, I discovered I'd lost my car and house keys. By this time all the other shops were closed. I had visions of someone wandering round the car park clicking the key until they 'won' my car. Thankfully DH was on the train back from London and I only had to wait 45 minutes to be rescued by him with a spare set of keys.
Another day and things were brighter, they had been handed in at the Post Office.
And here's a little photo that some very kind lady took of DD with her phone at the entrance to the party the other night. She's on the right, the lady on the left is one of the Gyptions.

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  1. Lovely fabrics Sally. Isn't that feeling you get when you lose your keys, or your bank card, purse,or child simply awful. Glad you're safely sorted though!