Sunday, 11 November 2007

Finding old Photo CDs

One of the joys of having a clearout is finding things you'd forgotten about.
This is Katy's Kaleidoscope quilt made in a mad rush for her wedding. (apologies to those of you who have seen it before).

On one of the CDs I found photos of the back. From what I remember I used white thread in the elipse shapes, blue in the stars, red in the border and navy in the outermost areas.
This quilt must be nearly 10 years old now and is in daily use on their bed still. It has stood up well to numerous washes which is par for the course with young children and animals around the house.

And then I found a photo of this quilt draped over the back of the sofa. It's my old sofa, my DH, and my fabrics and my style, but I have no memory whatsoever of making it, nor do I know where it has gone. I probably had one of those 'open mouth before engaging brain' situations and gave it away. (grin)


  1. Sally ~ Love that kaleidoscope! Your feathers are just perfect where you placed them. Thanks for the yummy pictures today.

  2. I'm also surprised to remember what I've made in the past, as once it leaves here I tend to forget about it. The quilts look great. Well done on having your quilt in a mag too!