Monday, 26 November 2007

Twit Twoo

We've been up at the cottage over the weekend and I think we're finally done. Yippee!
Now all I have to do before life gets back to normal and I can get back to my sewing machine is sort out the two car loads of stuff here.
Saturday night was fabulous, a new moon with clouds scurrying past and the cry of a tawny owl. This is the traditional owl who makes the Twit Twoo sound. You can hear the various British owls and see photos here. DH told me a story of how when he was a lad his father and a friend went out with torches to try and scare one away as they didn't like the noise. I loved this sound, mainly because the owls where I've lived previously all screech instead. By 2am I understood, by 4am I thought the poor bird was insane. By 6am I thought torches were not enough (grin). Why make so much noise and advertise you are out hunting?
I need to stitch. My hands feel as though they are seizing up, it's been weeks since I've had a good go in my sewing room. I'm going to start with a quilt or two for the local neo natal unit. These are small 14" X 16" and the new born have no idea that these are practice pieces.


  1. Hate to give you bad news Sally, but you've got two owls, not one! The male does the "twit" sound and the answering lady replies "twooooo".

  2. I as just going to say the same - they were obviously having a good old chinwag and hunting (for food anyway) was obviously farthest from their minds :o)

  3. The screeching noises from the owls at your old place were made by Little Owls whose other name (for obvious reasons) if the Screech Owl