Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Wow, see what happens when....

I played last night with re-colouring yesterday's circular design using 6 graduations of two colours. Click it to see it full sized. This wouldn't actually meet up nicely because I've just looked at how many radials I used to design this and it's 160 which doesn't divide by 6. I could either redo it with 5 graduations of each colour or redo the whole thing with a number of radials divisible by 6.
I think this effect is really cool and might make the effort to actually make this. Though there is still one thing holding me back and that's the lack of space for some sexy quilting.

I've tried before to take photos of these berries in my garden. They look good in the photo but I can't get my camera to play properly. The colour is in fact far deeper and brighter. Pure magenta. They are each the size of a petite pois. I have no idea of the shrub's name (anyone know?)

Thankfully the birds only have a go at them in very late winter/early spring so they look this fabulous for most of the winter. Unlike they hollies which all seem to loose their berries to the birds just before I need a small bunch for the Christmas pudding.