Monday, 5 November 2007

Knees and a boompsadaisy

On Friday our car went in for a service, it was supposed to arrive back 5-5.30pm. By 6pm I'm ringing them telling them we need it back to drive up to the cottage. I was getting a little fraught. It arrived shortly after and then it was a case of more haste and less speed to get on the road.
As I rushed back in the house to get the next load I managed to trip over the doorstep and land on my right knee 3' into the house on the stone floor. Apparently I went grey, then white. I remember my breathing went to what you use in childbirth to control the pain immediately. DH said it was ten minutes before I could even talk. (and then I asked for a Vodka).
We still went up, though what I achieved on Saturday was minimal. At one point on Sunday I got down on the floor to do something and had to shuffle on my bottom about 20' to get to a chair so I could stand back up again.
The bruising didn't come up until last night (no pictures, it isn't a pretty sight). Now it only hurts if I use it.
On the cottage front things are looking good. A good clean and a new coat of paint have removed most elements of the tenants from hell. Though I still have to source a new fire grate and TV aerial and signal booster. Funny how they left so much junk but these have disappeared?
I hope to do a little sewing this week but I'll have to see if my knee works well enough to operate the foot pedal on the sewing machine.
Feeling a little sorry for myself (and angry for being so silly to do it in the first place).


  1. Sounds nasty. Looking on the bright side, you can always use your left foot for the machine pedal. If I can, you can.

  2. As you know I am not exactly squeamish, but your story has made me feel quite queasy. Look after your knee, they really don't like sudden introductions to hard surfaces. I found weightlifters knee supportst to be very useful.

  3. I did a similar thing tripping up a kerb outside DD2s school a few weeks ago - I just turned round onto my bottom on the damp pavement and bawled my eyes out it hurt so much - lots of other mums came over to see if I was okay but I just felt such a fool too - to be honest it's still tender now - hope yours heals a bit more quickly Sally - we don't bounce the way kids do when we get to our age you know :o)

  4. Oooh I've got tears in my eyes..I've just your post and Anne's comment! I do hope you haven't done any permanent damage and that it heals quickly!!

  5. Ouch, that sounds seriously sore! Hope you have a speedy recovery Sally!