Thursday, 22 November 2007

Who I still expect to see in the mirror

I'm still surprised every morning when I see this stranger who looks vaguely like my mother in the mirror.
In the mammoth tidying up I found these photos.
This was me at 18 high up on a tiny balcony in a Kensington bedsit (taken by a then boyfriend studying photography)

This was in my late 20's with my Jersey cow, Lily. Those horns grew much bigger. She was a darling creature who would happily let me use her as a backrest whilst I read a book in the sunshine and she chewed her cud.

And this is aged about 31-33. By this time all country pursuits had been abandoned and I was (am) deeply in love. This is probably the most like who I still expect to see in the morning (grin).


  1. What great pictures. Thanks for sharing it's great putting a face to the name.

  2. But you wouldn't recognise me from these photos!

  3. Oh Christine, how I wish I'd known that at the time. Now it has gone, well....
    It's true 'youth is wasted on the young'.

  4. Nahhh, never nice to see you then, and know you now. Thanks for sharing these with us.

  5. Hi Sally, you look beautiful and I am sure you still are. Know what you mean about the mirror thing - I expect to see 27 year old me and it's always a surprise when I don't. Beth

  6. but she is still there, the last one especially. Maybe you look differently?