Sunday, 18 November 2007

Great Eye Candy and a small purchase

Renae Haddadin's website must have some of the best eye candy for quilters on the web. She is an award winning longarm quilter whose skill not only lies in great quilting, but in great design. Check through the quilts in her gallery.
One of the side effects of being laid up is spend an awful lot of time browsing the web and reading. As a consequence I placed an order for fabric I really don't need from Hancocks of Paducah. At $3,98 (or was it $4.98) for collections of charms squares and $1.98 per yard who could blame me. It's fairly neutral and at worst shall make good backing fabric, at best it could be a super background with those pale stripes adding to a design. It arrived in an amazing 3 days from placing the order. Sadly they insist on sending their catalogue with the fabric. Do I want to pay for postage for the catatlogue when I shop online? Anyway of course I read it and drooled cover to cover several times. There seems to be a dreadful amount of pseudo orientals around, sixties and roses. I like all of these but to the exception of all else?

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