Thursday, 15 November 2007

Playing with Seven Sisters

Apologies for the quality of these images.
So of course I found those blocks yesterday but could I find the templates? Of course not, so I quickly drafted some more in QuiltPro only to find I'd either got it wrong originally or now.
New version is this, which I find quite nice, though less space for some nice quilting in it.
As opposed to the 'original' from ten-fifteen (maybe more) years back.
Is it worth doing more to get this layout? Probably not.

But I must find something to do with my hands whilst my leg heals....
We were supposed to be going up to the cottage tonight to do some final 'fixing' but that won't be happening now. Meanwhile here at home I have the contents of one of the dressers spread round the sitting room and the temptation to sort it out is something I just have to put off.

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