Monday, 5 November 2007

Offically nuts!

My DD is going to Ottery St Marys tonight to the annual barrel rolling. Sounds quaint enough doesn't it? But the barrel is carried through the crowded streets full tar on fire.
Photos of last years event are here.
And more info about it here and here.
The barrels are fully alight and weigh 30 kilos (about 70 pounds).
As I said, we English are officially nuts!
I suppose the thing with bulls running through the streets is equally insane.
I'll sit at home following the doctor's advice and keep my knee up and rested.
Sounds good to me.


  1. That ranks up there with the cheese rolling event on Coopers Hill near Gloucester - yes we English are barmy!

  2. I'm pleased to say DD survived without even a singe. Apparently most of the time it is held by several men and just at the end only one mans runs with it.
    She thought the fairground rides were more hairy (grin).

  3. Sally, you've had such a lot to deal with lately! You must live quite near my Aunt and Uncle, as they are somewhere near Ottery St Mary. Can't quite remember their address.

    By the way, I'm tagging you - please see my blog for the 5 question meme about creativity. Then, pretty please, tag another five!