Friday, 23 November 2007

Early coverlet

Some people shouldn't be allowed out. I'm one of them so I don't very often, the temptation to buy is too great. But of course these days one can buy online. What's a girl to do?
This lovely appliqué coverlet said buy me. I tired in vain to resist but I couldn't. Isn't it wonderful. Some of the fabrics have been fussy cut on the tulips. The toile de Jouy bird only appears in one corner. Was it added later or did the maker just fancy having it on her side of the bed? Or perhaps she placed it so it would show when you opened the bedroom door? It doesn't cover up a hole in the fabric which was my first thought. All the needle turn appliqué is quite finely done.


  1. Gorgeous! Are you going to make your own version? The applique would be nice to do...

  2. I hate to say it but.... it is calling out for some quilting!