Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Finding something to do

I'm really following the doctor's orders now as I want my leg to get better and it hasn't been thus far. I've spent all week so far doing nothing and quietly going out of my brain.
So I got up for a short time and tried to find some hand work to do. And I found this. Heaven knows what I was thinking about when I started making this by hand! I don't do hand work and haven't since my very first quilt back in the early 70's. I seem to remember there were a couple of extra blocks which really didn't go and someone made them up into cushions or somesuch for a quilt group sale. The block is called 'Seven Sisters'. I must have started this well over ten years ago, not a record for a UFO but well along the way to one.
I have loads of thirties fabrics so I might make a start on another block of these. Or will this send me further over the edge into boredom?

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