Monday, 9 February 2009

33 swags and evidence of night time visitors

It wasn't until this morning and the snow started melting away, all these foot prints became apparent. It even looks like the foxes had a scuffle in the middle there.

And the swags for the borders are prepared for appliqué, 32 for the front and one as a label for the back
We're expecting more heavy rain tonight possibly turning to snow again later. When you think what's happening in Australia, more snow is nothing, nothing at all...


  1. Sally
    Love your new blog header. My thoughts too are with the Victorian people today and I am hoping along with the rest that they find the arsonists soon.
    Robyn NZ

  2. You are going to be very busy!

    Are you, like me, hoping for a snow day so you can sew?!


  3. Add me to the fan base for the new header image.