Thursday, 19 February 2009


It took far longer than I thought and we didn't close the safety pins. I folded it up ready to go in the car when I realised I hadn't taken a photo.
So closing of the pins and then I have to figure out how to quilt this beast (with that extra navy spot border, it's now 97½" square). Whatever I do will not show up very much against that background fabric.
My friend tried to persuade me to grid the whole background.
I have a life and it just isn't going to happen.


  1. Wow.

    I really am speechless!

    I would quilt very simply, just outlining each motif - that will be enough, I am sure!

    Well done, you must be very proud of yourself


  2. WOW,
    Iam in love with your quilt.So much detailed work so fast..
    Looking forward to see your quilting.

  3. Your quilt is so beautiful; I really admire your patience with piecing and applique.

  4. So cool! Aw come on. No grid work? Don't want to spend all that time marking, stopping and starting? You have better things to do? VBG

    I'm still amazed at how much I like this quilt considering that your fabric choice was not the sort of thing I normally like or gravitate towards. You have made something very special here.

  5. This is absolutley beautiful. Takes my breath away! Thanks for sharing!

  6. 'tis gorgeous! I see roses - motifs and a meandering climbing rose through the swags - nothing complex (LOL)

    It will look wonderful whatever you do on it I'm sure!

  7. Exquisite! This has inspired me to use some fabrics I usually shy away from.